JETSET Seminar in Nis, 27-28 January 2012

    GLOBAL INPUT - LCCI IQ Reps for Italy, Slovenia and the Balkans have decided to organize an official office opening seminar to make all the clients from the region familiar with the changes as well as with the new member of the staff.

    The seminar was held in Nis, on 27th and 28th January.

    The seminar was opened by Mr. Daniele Piacenti, GLOBAL INPUT - LCCI Reps Executive Manager, who welcomed the guests and gave an introduction to the seminar.

    Ms. Sue Wall, JETSET Chief Examiner, and our lecturer, gave a presentation on exam preparation and examiners' approach to marking. The presentation consisted of three sessions- she covered three exam components- speaking, writing and listening. The review of test components was followed by demonstration and practical activity in pairs/groups, practical activity based on marking of free writing, specific pointers and re-preparation for listening. Afterwards, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback. Mrs. Wall provided great insight and helped the participants with suggestions, ideas, and thought-provoking questions.

     We hope that all of the teachers who had the opportunity to be with us enjoyed it and learned something they can put to use in their work. To those who could not join us, we hope to put on similar events in the future.

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    On Saturday 27th September 96 English language students of Provida Futuri School, Zrenjanin, were awarded JETSET certificates. The event took place at Cinema cinema in Zrenjanin and the certificates were awarded to the students by Mr. Daniele Piacenti, GLOBAL INPUT - LCCI Reps Executive Manager, and Ms. Snezana Mitrovic, Balkan Regional Coordinator.

    The certificate delivery was followed by a short presentation on LCCI International Qualifications and the importance of setting European standards in English language learning.

    In addition to gaining more information on LCCI International Qualifications, more than 200 attendees also had a chance to find out about latest Oxford University Press and MacMillan editions and hear about the latest issues concerning English language learning from Ms. Ljiljana Jankovic, the English Book representative.

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    In order to make both teachers and students aware of the benefits of JETSET exams, we participated in two conferences in the Balkans. One of them is ELTAM conference: Creating a Philosophy of Teaching - Linking the Personal and Professional Self, which took place in Skopje, University American College, on 25th and 26th October. We chose to introduce teachers to the new JETSET qualifications aiming at improving English teaching to young learners.

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    In addition, the participants of 2nd International OPTIMA Conference: Ideas for Quality in Language Education, Sofia, Bulgaria, which took place in the Central Military Club, on 25th and 26th October, were also had a chance to participate in JETSET Workshop and learn more on methods of young learners' knowledge development and assessment.

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FTBE in Belgrade

    In January 2008, in cooperation with one of the registered centres, CONCORD, FTBE training and assessment will take place in Belgrade.

Open Day in Nis

On the 15th September, the regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the first Open Day in Serbia. The Open Day was organised in cooperation with the local registered center SPELL and was attended by more than 100 people. 10 of the attendees were awarded free FELSA tests.